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Despite the warnings of doctors, many athletes continue to take anabolic steroids. Today, I will tell you about the consequences of taking steroids in men. Also, I will briefly explain how to avoid unpleasant side effects.

In fact, these drugs are really effective in increasing physical activity and endurance, as well as promoting rapid muscle growth. On the other hand, with uncontrolled use and overestimated dosages, in 70% of cases steroids lead to the development of side effects.

Side effects and other negative consequences of steroids use

First of all, side effects can be divided into two groups. With short-term steroid use, athletes most often complain of abnormal breast growth (the so-called gynecomastia) and aggression. In addition, they face the risk of testicular atrophy and decreased sperm production. Long-term use can lead to hepatitis and liver cirrhosis, and after drug withdrawal – to obesity.

Also, the negative consequences of taking steroids might be divided into the following three groups: hormonal disorders, serious illnesses and mental disorders. I'll tell you more about each one.

consequences of taking steroids

Hormonal disorders because of steroids abuse

The uncontrolled use of steroids in high doses often leads to the fact that the body reduces the production of its own hormones. In turn, hormonal imbalance can cause breast enlargement and serious sexual disorders. Particularly, an athlete may suffer from lowered sexual desire, structural testicular atrophy, and even infertility.

Serious illness due to uncontrolled steroid use

First of all, the constant use of these hormonal drugs increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases, up to a stroke. In addition, the risk of diabetes, liver damage and even cancer increases.

Mood disorders caused by taking too much steroids

Obviously, testosterone and anabolic steroids also affect the central nervous system. Men who take these drugs too often or in too high doses often develop aggressiveness and mood swings. Patients may complain of irritability, depression, and even hallucinations.

How to reduce the negative consequences of taking steroids?

First of all, take your medications with maximum responsibility. Calculate the dosage carefully and pick up a proper course of steroids. Do not exceed the recommended dose and do not take the medicine for too long. Also, don't forget about the need for smart training and a healthy diet. Please remember that the negative consequences negate all the benefits of hormonal support.

Since with regular use of anabolic steroids the body reduces or stops producing testosterone, consider replacement therapy. In particular, you can take Clomid. This drug will increase your athletic performance, decrease the risk of gynecomastia, and generally reduce the likelihood of serious side effects. In addition, for quick weight loss or "drying" before competitions, you can use Syntroid. This medicine boosts metabolism and also reduces some of the negative effects of steroid use.

Author - Antonio C. Bianco, MD, PhD.