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Our information resource is designed to provide the maximum of useful data on thyroid gland diseases and their treatment. On this site you can find information about the most popular and effective medicines which can be used to normalize thyroid hormone levels and speed up metabolism.

We emphasize that this website is exclusively informational. Also, we urge you to contact specialists for an accurate diagnosis and an individual selection of treatment methods and regimens. Before you start taking Synthroid or Levothroid, consult your doctor and carefully study the instructions for taking the medicine.

In addition, we compare the commercial offers of various certified Internet pharmacies. Our mission is to provide people with relevant information, and give the opportunity to choose the most appropriate treatment. We are working for you: looking for the best medications, giving an opportunity to save both money and time, and educating.

Terms of online pharmacies

The vendors selected by us strive to satisfy all the needs of their customers. All the medications in these online pharmacies are in stock and ready to be shipped. Before making a purchase, study the terms of payment and delivery in a specific Internet drugstore. In addition, we recommend comparing prices in different pharmacies on the web before placing an order.

Keep in mind that in online drugstores you can buy both branded Synthroid or Levothroid and other medicines, and their generic analogues. Equivalents are absolutely identical to the original versions, but due to certain economic factors are usually cheaper.

As a rule, Internet pharmacies offer various shipment methods – by regular airmail, or express delivery by courier services. Pay attention to the cost of delivery, and the possible ways to save on it or not pay for shipment at all.

Also learn all the payment methods available. Trustworthy online drugstores ensure payment safety in accordance with international financial data security standards (such as PCI DSS), and offer a variety of payment methods.

Our mission is to inform. We are happy to share the tips on how to save when buying drugs which help normalize the levels of thyroid hormone. In particular, in online pharmacies you can count on sales, additional discounts, wholesale prices when buying large packs of tablets, and other nice bonuses. Just spend ten minutes studying the web drugstore terms before placing an order. Thus, you guarantee yourself the maximum effectiveness and safety of therapy.