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Most often, people use Levothyroxine (Levothroid) to treat low thyroid hormone, AKA hypothyroidism. In addition, some take this drug to increase metabolism. For example, bodybuilders and other athletes risk their own health in order to perform and look better. Both uses are due to the ability of the medicine to replace natural thyroid hormone. Thus, it helps maintain normal physical and mental activity.

No matter if you suffer from hypothyroidism (or other similar condition) or need the medication for better athletic performance, you might prefer to buy Levothroid online. The reasons for that include lower prices, easier way to purchase the drug, anonymity and possibility to buy the medicine even without a prescription.

Now, let us learn how to understand if you need Levothroid pills. The most common symptoms of low thyroid hormone levels include weight gain without any visible reasons, cold intolerance and permanent tiredness. Also, you may have hypothyroidism if you suffer from muscle aches, dry skin, constipation, and slow heartbeat.

Levothroid without a prescription

Levothroid which replaces thyroid hormone naturally produced by the human thyroid gland is a very powerful medication. That is why everyone should better consult a doctor before taking the drug. On the other hand, anyone can buy Levothroid online without a prescription. It helps save both money and time on visiting doctors and passing medical tests.

Mind that when purchasing Levothroid without a prescription you are responsible for the effectiveness and safety of the treatment. Experts warn not to use the drug for weight loss, although it really helps fight obesity. Also, some people take this medication to treat infertility both in men and women. Specialists say it might be unsafe. Anyway, the main thing is to choose the right dose of Levothyroxine.

Normally, you have to see a doctor, pass medical exams and get diagnosed before you buy Levothroid online or offline in a regular local drugstore. Medical tests help to choose the proper dosage and the treatment regimen. While taking the drug, pay attention to how the body responses to the therapy. Maybe you will need to adjust the dose, or even switch to another thyroid hormone replacement medicine.

Price for Levothroid online

How much Levothroid costs online and offline? Of course, the price for Levothroid online is much lower than at a regular drugstore. Moreover, when purchasing any drug online, you do not need a prescription. Thus, you save time and money on numerous visits to the doctors, passing medical tests, and so on.

In most internet pharmacies, the price for Levothroid and its analogues is like this: around $50 for a 90-tablets pack at a dosage of 50 mcg, about $70 for the same package of 100 mcg pills, and around $70 for 90 tablets at a dosage of 200 mcg. If you prefer to buy medications offline, the cost will be much higher. Levothroid (Levothyroxine) may be sold under other brand and generic names, such as Levoxyl, Synthroid, or Unithroid.

Proper Levothroid dose

How to use Levothroid tablets, and how to choose the right Levothroid dose? Most often, doctors advise to take a pill once a day, in the morning, half an hour – an hour before breakfast. If you use capsules, swallow them whole with a glass of still water. Those who prefer tablets can split or crush them.

levothyroxine tablet

Mind that you can succeed with the treatment only if you use proper Levothroid dose and take the drug regularly. Often, people have to use the medication all the time, that is, throughout life. The dose of Levothroid depends on your medical condition, thyroid hormone levels, weight, age, chronic diseases, and so on. Also, the dosage depends on how your body responses to the treatment.

For example, pediatric Levothroid dose in newborns is 10-15 mcg/kg per day. Older children can take 25 mcg/kg a day. Keep in mind that the first results might be achieved in a month or even later. So, do not stop the treatment even if it seems that the drug does not help.

Levothroid and Synthroid: The difference

Let us figure out what Levothroid and Synthroid have in common, and what is the difference between them. First of all, you should know that both medications replace hormones naturally produced by thyroid gland. That is, you can use them to treat low thyroid hormone, or hypothyroidism. Levothroid also helps to prevent and treat enlarged thyroid gland, or goiter.

Levothroid and Synthroid may have similar side effects, such as weight changes and hair loss. Usually, such consequences pass after your body adjusts to the medicine. According to studies, the first drug causes less side effects, but leads to hair loss more often. If Levothroid causes fever, chest pain or abnormal periods in women, better contact a doctor.

Any of the drugs for hypothyroidism can also lead to the symptoms of an overdose, even if you just pick up the wrong dosage. Such signs include confusion and disorientation, as well as the symptoms of hyperthyroidism. That is why you should consult a specialist even if you prefer to buy Levothroid online. A doctor will help to choose the right dose of the medication.