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Those who prefer buying Synthroid, Levothroid or other medicines online know that the terms of delivery vary quite a lot in different Internet drugstores. The best online pharmacies ship worldwide, to any country you wish. Normally, you can choose between regular mail which takes 2 to 3 weeks, or courier services which are faster. We have picked some good drugstores on the web that provide really good customer services.

The main points of shipping policy to pay attention to

Let us observe the main points to pay attention to before purchasing medications online. Obviously, you should mind such things as delivery time and costs, but that is not all. Here are some FAQs and the answers to them.

How soon will I get my pills?

Most often, packages sent by regular mail arrive in about 2-3 weeks. With courier services, which usually cost more, delivery takes less. If your package does not arrive in time, do not hesitate to contact customer support service of an online drugstore. The best pharmacies on the web provide 24/7 customer support.

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What to do if my order does not arrive?

Once again, if your package with the drug does not arrive in time, you should contact customer support of an online shop. Actually, such cases are rare. But, if it happens, Internet drugstores guarantee you a refund, or re-ship your order on their own costs.

How the package looks like?

Of course, people buying medications online are worried about their anonymity. Do not panic, online drugstores always respect your right for confidentiality. So, all the products purchased are delivered in discreet packages, without any information on the contents. That is a part of shipping policy.

Where can I receive my package?

Most of the good Internet drugstores mentioned on this site ship the medicines worldwide and deliver them right to the door. So, you can count on getting your package with Synthroid, Levothroid or any other drug at any address you provide when making a purchase.