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Today I suggest learning more about thyroid hormone. Why does our body need it? How does it affect metabolism and other processes in humans? Why many people need Synthroid, a synthetic equivalent of the hormone, which should be produced naturally? In this article, I will answer all these questions, as well as share some interesting facts about the natural thyroid hormone and its artificial substitutes – Synthroid and analogs. Even if you already buy Synthroid and successfully use it in treatment or to achieve better results in sports, you may not know some curious details.

The most interesting facts about the "artificial hormone" Synthroid and its natural analogue

To help you better understand how Synthroid works, and why everyone needs thyroid hormone, I want to share some interesting facts:

  • Thyroid hormones are extremely important for the functioning of literally every cell in the body. First of all, they provide us with energy.
  • That is why we all need naturally produced hormones or artificial substitutes (such as Synthroid). They directly affect the condition of each person. For example, an imbalance can lead to irritability, anxiety, insomnia, tremors, and weight loss. Or, on the contrary, it can provoke obesity, cause weakness, apathy and drowsiness.
  • Taking Synthroid or equivalents can normalize hormones and speed up metabolism. In turn, this leads to a decrease in weight and in body fat and, when using additional methods, muscle growth.

What are the risks of using hormone substitutes?

Theoretically, patients using synthetic hormones risk "disrupting" the natural production of the same substances by the body. On the other hand, what if the body produces almost no thyroid hormone, or cannot produce it at all? For normal and stable functioning of metabolic processes, a synthetic replacement in the form of Synthroid or analogues is necessary. In fact, many of us have no choice.

interesting facts about thyroid hormone

At the same time, athletes who take Synthroid to increase muscle mass and decrease fat in the body may experience certain unpleasant consequences of such self-medication. So, first study all the possible side effects and do not overdose to avoid such risks.

Why you should not be afraid of replacing thyroid hormone with Synthroid?

Despite the obvious risks of using strong and effective medications like Synthroid, many keep taking the drug. Why? As I mentioned above, often, patients with chronic thyroid diseases have no other option. If the body itself does not produce the vital hormone, a person should replace it artificially. Moreover, even the "non-medical" use of Synthroid or its analogues (for example, Levothroid) leads to excellent results if you strictly follow the recommendations of specialists. Still, if side effects occur, better consult a doctor.

Author – Antonio C. Bianco, MD, PhD.