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Today I would like to tell the visitors of this information site about alternative hypothyroidism treatments. Unfortunately, more and more people use folk remedies even with such a serious diagnosis. But can you really count on the cure or at least an improvement without traditional medicine?

Pros and cons of alternative hypothyroidism treatments – a quick guide

First of all, I want to warn you that folk remedies alone will not help you completely heal. Even a perfect diet will not save you from the disease.

On the other hand, alternative hypothyroidism treatments combined with a medication program will make you feel noticeably better. For example, some remedies and living habits can reduce the severity of certain symptoms, or even help almost completely get rid of them. In particular, you can regulate your appetite, reduce swelling, and normalize bowel function.

However, I emphasize again, no folk remedy can cope with the disease itself. The fact is that analogues of thyroid hormones do not exist in nature. So, the only way to truly cope with this severe illness – take synthetic hormones similar to those your body lacks.

alternative hypothyroidism treatments

Folk remedies for relieving symptoms of the disease

Nevertheless, I will tell you about some alternative hypothyroidism treatments to relieve or alleviate the symptoms.

First of all, let me remind you of proper nutrition. You can find medical recommendations for thyroid patients in this blog on our website.

In particular, experts recommend taking more iodine-containing foods, especially natural ones. On the other hand, keep in mind that you should not eat too much seaweed. In addition, consider taking herbal infusions (chamomile, rose hips, various natural diuretics). Actually, I have already listed all the main alternative hypothyroidism treatments.

Please do not purchase and use unknown preparations, especially made in Asia, based on animal or herbal ingredients. Such a “remedy” might make your condition even worse. Anyway, you will have to take conventional medications, that is, synthetic hormones.

30.06.2021. Author: Antonio C. Bianco, MD, PhD.