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If you have already taken Synthroid, or at least studied the issue before purchasing these pills, you probably know that you should not combine them with certain substances. In particular, many athletes and thyroid patients often mention the danger of taking Synthroid along with caffeinated drinks. Why? I will explain it below. Also, I will list other medicines and even vitamins that can negatively affect the action of Synthroid, and even lead to dangerous consequences. Of course, you should better consult your healthcare provider. However, this article will save you time.

Synthroid combined with coffee and tea: What are the risks?

So, why shouldn't you take Synthroid tablets with caffeinated drinks? Not everyone loves still water (me too), although doctors force us to take almost all the medicines exactly this way. At the same time, almost everyone knows that taking antibiotics with alcohol is a bad idea (in fact, not THAT bad, but still). Anyway, I do not recommend combining Synthroid with coffee or tea. If you do not believe me, I will explain in more detail, even with a reference to a recent trial.

The fact that caffeine negatively affects the absorption of Synthroid by the body (and hence its effect) has long been known to people who take this drug. If you swallow the pills with coffee or tea instead of water, you might not even notice the effect of the medication. This may be unpleasant for athletes who take Synthroid for better performance, and critical for patients with thyroid diseases. And this fact was confirmed by a clinical study on the effect of caffeine on the absorption of Synthroid in the body.

Synthroid plus other medicines and supplements: Why beware?

Not only coffee or tea can adversely affect the results of your athletic performance or treatment with Synthroid. Like any other medicine, this drug interacts with other substances in different ways. Even seemingly harmless vitamins or nutritional supplements can turn all your efforts for naught. Moreover, your diet can interfere with it!

combining synthroid with coffee

So, I will list several substances and products bad for those who take Synthroid:

  • A high fiber diet may decrease the effectiveness of the medicine. Consult a doctor and try to adjust the dose of the drug by increasing it.
  • If you have to take estrogens, the dose of Synthroid should also be higher.
  • Do not take two or more drugs on the basis of the same active substance. Limit yourself to Synthroid or its equivalent.
  • Taking vitamins or supplements with iron and/or calcium? Then, take a Synthroid tablet at least an hour before or an hour after that.
  • As I already mentioned, coffee and tea reduce the effectiveness of the drug (more precisely, by 30%).
Author - Antonio C. Bianco, MD, PhD.