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Today I will give you some tips on easing Synthroid side effects. In fact, not all patients experience the unpleasant consequences of hormonal treatment. Many people easily tolerate taking the drug. Moreover, most feel much better due to its action. However, many people - both women and men - complain of side effects. Fortunately, they can be reduced. Furthermore, often, you just have to pick the right dosage in order not to experience discomfort. If that doesn't work, follow these tips on easing Synthroid side effects.

Synthroid side effects and their reduction step by step

I will list the most common side effects of the medicine and tell how you can deal with each:

  • Sweating, hot flashes and a feeling of fever. If you do not exceed the dose, you will most likely not have these symptoms. However, for easing Synthroid side effects, ventilate area more often and avoid alcoholic beverages and heavy foods. Most often, it works.
  • Irritability, aggression, trouble sleeping. If you are seriously concerned about these symptoms, better ask your doctor to find the right medication which you can take along with Synthroid. Alternatively, you can try natural remedies and/or meditation. A healthy lifestyle and physical activity can also help you feel less nervous and sleep better.
  • Changes in appetite, nausea, weight loss or gain. First of all, review your diet. Perhaps you just eat unhealthy foods. With a sharp weight gain or loss, better consult a specialist. You may need not only a new diet, but also an adjustment of the dosage of the drug.
  • Hair loss. For easing such Synthroid side effects, you just need some cosmetics and more careful hair treatment. With hormone therapy, baldness is temporary, and your hair should be restored at the end of the treatment.
easing Synthroid side effects

Anyway, most often, the correct dose and treatment regimen will already lead you to success. As a rule, it both helps in achieving the desired result as quickly as possible and in easing Synthroid side effects. Even if you need constant therapy, with the correct dosage, you will feel great.

Author - Antonio C. Bianco, MD, PhD.