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Even many of those who regularly or constantly take thyroid hormone replacement drugs for health reasons or to improve athletic performance do not know the history of creating and using these medications. Today we will tell you this fabulous story of such medicines from the moment of creation to the present, when they became almost indispensable.

How scientists found no difference between original and generic thyroid hormone replacement drugs

The first and the very best thyroid hormone replacement drug, Synthroid, appeared on the market in the 1955th. Soon, it became not only the perfect cure for hypothyroidism, but also an indispensable tool for bodybuilders. Then, in the 1980th, various generic equivalents appeared on the market. And, the most curious things started to happen...

Flint company began financing research at the University of California to demonstrate the fact that Synthroid has a higher therapeutic value than its generics. The study was completed in 1990, and it concluded that generics have the same effectiveness as the original thyroid hormone replacement drugs.

There was a clause in the contract that required publication of this study in order to obtain permission from Flint. Therefore, a long litigation over the publication began. Even after Flint's laboratory passed to Boots, and then to Knoll, the publication of the study was still postponed. Finally, it was published in 1997, and Knoll had to pay $ 135 million.

Present: How is the drug most often used

No matter what is your purpose of using thyroid hormone replacement drugs, you should definitely know how to take it in the most effective and safe way. So, let us remind you one more time how to manage hypothyroidism therapy or take the medicine for better athletic performance.

Marie Curie Throid Hormone

First, mind that the optimal replacement dose is around 7 mcg/kg per day. Also, do not forget to wait a bit for the first results, since the drug has a long half-life. In fact, most people need to take the capsules for at least a month before they notice the first changes for better.

When using thyroid hormone replacement drugs to accelerate the process of burning body fat in athletes, increase the dose gradually. Basically, bodybuilders start with a dose of 25-50 mcg, and then increase the amount of the medication by the same 25-50 mcg, until it comes to 100-150 mcg. Never exceed the dose of 250 mcg.

Author - Antonio C. Bianco, MD, PhD.