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Actually, the main problems of patients with hypothyroidism do not include obesity as a major concern. Most often, a decrease in the rate of thyroid gland hormone synthesis in this pathology leads to other unpleasant consequences.

However, many people ask how to lose weight with hypothyroidism. In addition, being overweight itself leads to such symptoms as fatigue, shortness of breath, and so on. So, today I will give some tips on healthy lifestyle and nutrition for weight loss in these patients.

Basic rules of nutrition and treatment for thyroid insufficiency

First of all, every patient with hypo function of the thyroid gland must search for the appropriate treatment. With this diagnosis, the doctor will certainly prescribe you Synthroid to compensate the lack of hormone production. Quite often, only due to this, weight gain at least stops.

In addition, I recommend thinking of healthier diet. When choosing it, mind your diagnosis and the need for the body to receive certain substances. In particular, with hypothyroidism, you must obtain iodine, selenium, zinc and iron. Patients should eat a little, but often, 5-6 times a day.

Foods that interfere and vice versa help to lose weight with hypothyroidism

When choosing a diet, consider a few basic guidelines, which I will now list. Please do not forget to combine proper nutrition with taking medicines.

How to lose weight with hypothyroidism

Foods to exclude from the diet or to limit:

  • All types of cabbage (can be consumed in moderation after cooking)
  • Legumes (can also be eaten occasionally, but not raw)
  • Simple carbohydrates (refined sugar is particularly dangerous)
  • Foods high in starch (you can substitute white rice with the brown)

Useful foods to help you lose weight with hypothyroidism:

  • Proteins – low-fat dairy products, lean meats and poultry, fish, seafood (iodine-rich species are especially useful)
  • Seaweed (an irreplaceable part of the patient's diet)
  • Vegetables and fruits (better choose fruits that are not too high in sugar)
  • Cereals (but not white rice)
  • Eggs (better not abuse them).

Also, do not forget about regular exercise, better outdoors. Physical activity such as walking, cycling and swimming will help improve metabolism and lose weight with hypothyroidism.

13.12.2020. Author: Antonio C. Bianco, MD, PhD.