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Today I would like to share some reviews of patients who bought and took Synthroid on their own. In such cases, people most often complain of particularly serious side effects. Hope that such a personal experience on Synthroid will help you choose the right therapy regimen. I also remind that any person should better take such powerful drugs under the supervision of a specialist.

Patient No. 1 and his personal experience on Synthroid

Let's start with a patient M., who was taking medication to maintain normal hormonal levels due to a chronic illness. Unfortunately, her personal experience on Synthroid was rather unpleasant. At the same time, she could have avoided at least some of these bad consequences could just by seeing a doctor. Moreover, it was enough for her to listen more carefully to the reaction of her body to the pills, and adjust the dosage of the medicine.

So, M. lived for many years without a thyroid gland, with all the ensuing consequences. At first, she used her doctor's advice and prescriptions for a while. Then, not getting the desired result, M. started taking Synthroid on her own. Unfortunately, she only got worse. The girl had blurred vision, poor concentration, light-headedness, arrhythmia and tachycardia. In addition, she developed severe swelling and access weigh.

As a result, M. came to me, and I helped her pick up the optimal dosage of Synthroid. However, she could come to the right dose herself (in her case, slightly lower than she took), if she was more attentive to her health.

An athlete who takes Synthroid to improve performance and his complaints

Another patient, athlete P., also came to me only after self-medication. He could not achieve the desired results in bodybuilding, and at the same time suffered from very unpleasant side effects.

athlete: personal experience on synthroid

In particular, he had severe tremors of the fingers, abnormal sweating, constant sleepiness, increased heart rate and even regular diarrhea. Of course, in such a state he could not only win, but even participate in competitions. At the same time, the athlete was quite pleased with the weight loss and changes in muscle mass and relief.

As in the previous case, based on his personal experience on Synthroid, I advised this man to slightly reduce the dose of the medication. However, keep in mind that many, even with similar symptoms, may need to increase the dose on the contrary. Also, let me remind you that athletes should not take more than 200-400 mcg of Synthroid per day anyway.

Remember: it is impossible to find a treatment for life. Anyone who needs Synthroid should constantly listen to the body and, if necessary, adjust the dose and the course of therapy.

Author - Antonio C. Bianco, MD, PhD.