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In fact, Synthroid helps to treat low levels of thyroid hormone. However, this medication has a number of properties which allow you to use it for other purposes, too. One of the most common uses of Synthroid is to boost metabolism. And most often athletes take advantage of this effect of the drug.

How to take Synthroid for the best results in sports

Of course, no doctor will prescribe you Synthroid without indications for the treatment of low thyroid hormone. Thus, athletes have to select the appropriate dosage of the drug themselves, and bear the risks of possible side effects or complications. Fortunately, at least there is no such problem as the inability to purchase Synthroid in a regular drugstore without a prescription. Today, you can buy any medicine online even without consulting your physician.

Let us consider all the aspects of self-medicating with Synthroid to improve athletic performance. This synthetic thyroid hormone accelerates metabolism. That is why you can use it to reduce body fat, and to increase muscle mass. At the same time, mind that abuse of artificial thyroid hormone Synthroid can lead to unpleasant consequences. In particular, constant use of these tablets might terminate the production of natural hormone.

If your goal is not just to lose weight, but also to build muscles, specialists recommend using Synthroid together with anabolic steroids. For your own safety, do your best to choose the appropriate dosage of both substances. In addition, with this kind of Synthroid usage, an athlete should pay special attention to proper nutrition. Do not reduce calories consumed, even if appetite decreases. On the other hand, do not consume too many calories.

Expert opinion on Synthroid

Mind that Synthroid, like any other medication, can cause a number of side effects. Most often, bodybuilders complain of nausea, tachycardia and excessive sweating. Sometimes, people also notice headache and irritability. However, in general, this drug is considered quite safe, even if you take the tablets without consulting a doctor and getting diagnosed.

synthroid & bodybuilders

Here's what the expert says about the side effects of Synthroid.

"Quite often, patients taking Synthroid complain of depression and other psychiatric symptoms. Those who use the medicine for thyroid disorders, may also have difficulty losing weight. Although I do not recommend taking Synthroid for weight loss, sometimes I consult athletes, too. Unlike my usual patients, they often complain of having less energy both in a gym and in everyday life."

Author – Antonio C. Bianco, MD, PhD.

How to choose the right dose of Synthroid to speed up metabolism

The selection of Synthroid dosage to speed up metabolism and lose weight, especially before important competitions, is extremely important. The correct dose of the drug depends on many factors. At the same time, beginners may follow standard recommendations. As a rule, experts recommend to start with 50 mg of the medicine per day. Then, you can gradually increase the dose of Synthroid for athletes. Keep in mind that the higher the body weight, the higher the daily dose of the drug can be.

If you intend to use Synthroid for a short time (for example, before an athletic performance), you can take 50 mg per day for three days, then increase the dose by 25 mg for another three days, and so on. With prolonged (up to 16 weeks) use of the medication, specialists advise increasing the dosage by 25 mg every two to three weeks. In any case, never exceed the maximum recommended daily dose, which is 200 mg of the substance.