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Although I warn everyone not to abuse any substance in sports, most athletes prefer to "help" themselves with Synthroid and steroids. Moreover, many use them both at the same time. Therefore, today I would like to give some tips on how to organize training and nutrition on a steroid cycle.

# 1: Workout on a steroid cycle

First of all, keep in mind that while taking this rather dangerous substance you must increase the load. In other words, gradually add the number of sets in each exercise, and even the number of exercises itself. The total weight per workout should also increase.

When you start training on a steroid cycle, your body's recovery capabilities expand markedly. Therefore, you can and even should exercise more to get the maximum effect from the course. In fact, with the correct selection of the drug and dosage, an athlete can increase the intensity of training and loads two to three times. Also, better to reduce the time between sets.

steroid cycle

# 2: Nutrition on a steroid cycle

As in the case of physical activity, nutrition on a steroid cycle should differ a lot from the diet between courses. While taking anabolic steroids, the athlete should consume more. The body on steroids not only recovers faster – it also sharply increases the metabolic rate. So, an increase in metabolism requires an increase in calorie intake, too.

First of all, focus on protein that works as a building block for growing muscles. In addition, you should get more calories, and therefore energy, from carbohydrates.

For example, on a steroid cycle, you can follow a meal plan like this:

  • early in the morning – a glass of juice
  • breakfast – cereals
  • second breakfast – proteins combined with carbohydrates (as an example – chicken with rice and vegetables)
  • lunch – again proteins and carbohydrates (the same protein-rich poultry meat with rice and vegetables)
  • snack – eggs
  • before workout – eggs or other proteins
  • after training – a suitable mixture or the same eggs
  • dinner – chicken, eggs, rice, vegetables, creatine
  • at night – protein or cottage cheese

Yes, common people should not eat such foods in everyday life, but experienced athletes can afford such diet from time to time, especially on a steroid cycle.

Please keep in mind that with this regimen you should simultaneously reduce the amount of fat in the diet – you need to build muscle, not fat. Also, lower your carbohydrate intake in the evening, and at the same time eat more proteins. I also recommend eating often, but in small portions. Fractional nutrition will simultaneously speed up metabolism and help build muscle.

27.05.2021. Author: Antonio C. Bianco, MD, PhD.