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You may have heard that some women take Synthroid to solve fertility problems – in other words, to get pregnant. But how safe is it? Usually, doctors prefer to prescribe this drug exclusively for the treatment of hypothyroidism. Today I will try to answer the most common questions of infertile women regarding the connection between Synthroid and infertility treatment. You will be surprised, but in some cases this medicine makes miracles. On the other hand, you cannot just buy Synthroid online and start taking the pills to get pregnant soon.

How to use Synthroid properly to improve fertility?

So, to get started, let's figure out in what cases Synthroid can help get pregnant. In fact, there is only one answer: the drug fights exclusively female infertility caused by low levels of thyroid hormone production. In this case, to solve a specific problem, you have just to cure the disease which causes the problem. Sounds great, yep?

Thus, you must make sure that your infertility is associated with a lack of thyroid hormones. But you do not have to pass numerous medical tests to determine the causes of infertility! Just ask for a so-called TSH test, a blood test measuring the amount of thyroxine, or T4. If it proves poor levels of this hormone, you can use Synthroid to normalize them. Of course, you will have to wait a while before you will be totally ready to conceive.

How to take Synthroid tablets for infertility? As in almost any other case, the pill should be taken on an empty stomach, in the morning, preferably an hour before breakfast. Do not miss a single dose if you want to achieve the maximum and as fast as possible effect.

What dosage to choose when taking Synthroid for infertility?

For example, you suspect that you cannot get pregnant because of low T4 level, but you do not want to see a doctor for a full examination and consultation. Can you just buy the drug online and start taking pills? Definitely not! At least, you must pass the above mentioned test to make sure that you really need Synthroid. Since infertility can have various causes, such a thoughtless use of the medicine can be a waste of precious time. In addition, some women self-medicate, but actually they have not lowered, but an increased level of thyroid hormone! In this case, the use of Synthroid can only harm.

synthroid for infertility

But if you got assured that your choice is right, just purchase the medication, with or without a prescription, and choose the proper dosage. When a doctor selects the dose, he or she analyzes many factors, including hormonal indicators, age, weight, health condition, and even lifestyle of a patient.

What to do if you decide to self-medicate at your own risk? I would advise you not to do this. And yet, I will reveal a medical secret. The standard dose is calculated based on the weight of an adult patient according to the formula 1.6 mcg per kg per day. You can control the results of the treatment, taking a TSH test every 3-6 months. Quite often, a woman has to take Synthroid for six months to restore the level of the hormone. Then, you can start trying again!

Author - Antonio C. Bianco, MD, PhD.