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We receive many questions about the correct use of Synthroid for a wide variety of purposes. Today I will answer the most popular and important Synthroid use FAQ – frequently asked questions. In addition, you might learn more about some mistakes patients make.

Answers to your questions about Synthroid use

Unfortunately, many people self-medicate without even carefully reading the instructions for use. For this reason, patients often ask what they are doing wrong. I will try to answer the most common questions. So, read my answers to Synthroid use FAQ.

When should I take it?

Doctors usually recommend taking this medication in the morning.

Before or after meals?

Always take Synthroid before meals, that is, before breakfast. Most often, a person should take a pill 20-30 minutes before the first meal of the day. Also, swallow your tablets with pure water. No milk, juice, soda, coffee or tea!

What if I forgot to take it on time?

If you forget to take the drug before meals, you can take it 3-4 hours after.

And what if I completely forgot about it?

Frankly speaking, nothing bad will happen. You can take the pill the next day. In this case, you do not need to double the dose. Mind that the half-life of the drug is on average 7 days. With thyrotoxicosis, it shortens to 3-4 days, and with hypothyroidism, it increases to 9-10 days.

Can I divide a large dose into parts?

Sometimes, if a patient do not tolerate the medicine well enough, specialists advise to divide the dose into 2-3 per day. In other words, you can take a pill before breakfast, and then 3-4 hours after a meal and 30 minutes before your next meal.

Synthroid use FAQ

What if I want to pause my treatment?

Some schemes allow you to miss an appointment one or two days a week, but not in a row. In particular, such an approach may suit elderly patients, as well as those suffering from arrhythmias or coronary heart disease. Also, you can take a break in the event of surgery. In this case, the period of abstinence from the drug should not exceed one week.

Can I change the dose myself?

No! If you feel discomfort, better monitor your hormone levels and see a specialist. A common and quite stupid Synthroid use FAQ.

How often should I monitor hormone levels?

With a selected dose, I recommend hormone control twice a year. During the dose selection period, you can take tests every two months. In certain treatment regimens, the winter dose is higher than the summer one.

What side effects indicate danger?

The most common side effects include palpitations, sweating, and irritability. If they persist within 10 days, talk to your doctor about adjusting the dose.

Which drugs not to take along with Synthroid?

Another good Synthroid use FAQ. Well, better avoid the simultaneous intake of iron and calcium supplements, as well as antacids while taking this medicine. Take them at least 4 hours apart from Synthroid. In fact, take other drugs separately, too, with a difference of at least a quarter of an hour.

How should I terminate the course?

Most often, the entire dose is canceled at once, without a gradual decrease.

Any particularities of treatment during menopause?

When taking this medication in menopause, be sure to take calcium. Depending on the risks of osteoporosis, you might need the course once a year or once every 3-5 years. Check it with your doctor.

Can children take this medication?

The need of children for this drug in the absence of their own hormones is even higher than that of adults, due to the increased rate of metabolic processes because of rapid growth.

What foods should I avoid?

In the morning, after taking Synthroid, limit yourself to milk, coffee, and soy products. Also, abstain from any meat for a while.

27.08.2021. Author: Antonio C. Bianco, MD, PhD.