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Unexplored, and therefore still a dangerous virus, is spreading all over the world. One by one, countries have introduced tough measures to contain the spread of the epidemic. Sooner or later, quarantine should be announced almost everywhere. Then, we all hope, a vaccine will be found, as well as an antiviral drug against a specific strain of the virus, the pandemic will be stopped, and we will be able to live a normal life again. Anyway, right now, we need to understand how to protect ourselves from getting ill, and how to continue working out during Covid-19 outbreak.

Tips on maintaining healthy lifestyle during the coronavirus outbreak

First, let's forget about our muscle mass, weight, dosage of necessary drugs such as steroids or Synthroid, and think mainly about health. The simplest and truly effective protection measures include the following simple steps:

  • Wash your hands as often as possible. You might be surprised, but this simplest habit plays the most important role during the spread of the virus around the world.
  • Avoid contacting infected or potentially infected people. None of us now know for sure who already has the virus, so just avoid excessive tactile contacts and crowds.
  • Unfortunately, the probability of getting infected is especially high in gyms and pools. Therefore, do not forget having a disinfectant all the time. Moreover, consider moving your regular workouts home for a while.
  • If you have any symptoms of a cold or flu, stay home and call your physician (or an ambulance, in case of fever) as soon as possible. The doctor will give advice, and if necessary send you to other specialists or directly for Covid-19 tests.
  • Fortunately, the best of us athletes do not drink alcohol or smoke. In addition, bodybuilders are generally healthy, even if they take additional stimulants. Very good news, since the new virus first kills people with pathologies, especially lung diseases.

How to keep working out during Covid-19 outbreak

Now let's try to understand how to continue working out during the epidemic and in the case of general quarantine.

Working out during Covid-19 outbreak
  1. We have already given the first advice above: equip your home gym so that you can continue training even if all the gyms are closed. Buy at least dumbbells and barbells if you still haven't got them.
  2. The second tip: just in case, make a stock of the necessary products and medicines. We do not want to sow panic, but better prepare properly.
  3. Finally, the third advice: do not think about your work on your body solely because of future competitions. When the hard times pass, our shape and well-being will still be here!
Author - Antonio C. Bianco, MD, PhD.