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Recent evidence from the scientific medical community points on incorrect Synthroid usage in many cases. However, do not blame yourself. In fact, even the doctors, when prescribing this medicine and choosing the course, make mistakes. Researchers from prestigious American institutions came to this conclusion after conducting several new studies.

Actually, this drug became one of the most popular among all the existing medications. Please mind that official statistics declares that. Considering how many Americans buy Synthroid without any medical prescription, the numbers get even higher.

Reasons for incorrect Synthroid usage

Obviously, not only patients with thyroid diseases use this highly effective remedy. Many purchase it to improve athletic performance or, for example, for weight correction. Incorrect Synthroid usage seems quite normal especially for those who “self-prescribe” it in a DIY mode.

Meanwhile, according to a study published in “Clinical Chemistry”, many patients with hypothyroidism take this powerful medication unnecessarily. The author of the scientific work, Joe El-Khoury, Ph.D., associate professor of laboratory medicine, assures that doctors often prescribe it literally by mistake. According to new data, says El-Khoury, people use a drug with potentially severe side effects that they don't really need. Moreover, in elderly individuals over 80 potential problems arise.

Incorrect Synthroid usage

Still, no other way to ease and prolong the life of patients with hypothyroidism exists so far. Thus, the only solution comes in adjusting the dosage and course of treatment depending on the body's response to the medicine.

The researchers emphasise that, given the updated data, one should be especially careful when diagnosing hypothyroidism. But what if the patient intends to take the drug for other purposes? Well, in this case, take responsibility for the likely health consequences – not always positive ones.

Absolutely new schemes for using Synthroid in 2024

So, what should those who really need this essential drug know in 2024? Science does not stand still, and researchers keep making important discoveries. In particular, doctors recently made two interesting conclusions for patients with hypothyroidism. Unfortunately, they confirm incorrect Synthroid usage for a huge amount of patients.

Based on new research, the FDA approved two important changes. Firstly, the agency ratified the use of Synthroid in combination with proton pump inhibitor (PPI) therapy. In addition, in a press release, Michael Scully, head of commercial operations, IBSA USA, talks about new recommendations regarding the rules for taking the medicine. More precisely, it concerns timing of the drug administration.

However, doctors’ recommendations should always depend on the individual characteristics of each patient. Of course, those who prefer to take the medicine on themselves should be especially careful when choosing the dosage and timing.

In particular, according to new research, most patients should take the pill 15 minutes before breakfast. Thus, the drug works most effectively. Moreover, in this case, you can safely use Synthroid in conjunction with other necessary medications.

23.01.2024. Author: Antonio C. Bianco, MD, PhD.